The Somoto Canyon was formed nearly 12 million years ago due to tectonic plate shifting.  An earthquake literally split several hills in two and started the formation of the canyon as the rivers Tepacali and NAME began to slowly erode the walls of the canyon, making it deeper and deeper throughout the years.  For years only the local residents of the surrounding communities knew about the existence of the canyon who always called the canyon Namancambre or La Estrechura.  Recently, it has turned into one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Nicaragua with many tourists visiting each month to see the “Grand Canyon of Central America.”

Let a group of local guides show you this unique piece of Nicaragua.  We offer three different tours through the canyon, all of which allow you to venture out, relax, and enjoy the view.  Each tour includes hiking and swimming along with the optional boat ride or inner-tube.

Short Tour (2.5h)

Trek up the Rio Coco against the current to the final part of the canyon.  You can take the optional tour on  an inner-tube up the canyon and relax in the amazing views.  Wonder at the the majestic walls towering up to 250 meters high, where parakeets, hawks, herons make their nests along with a variety of plants such as orchids, bromeliads, agaves, sacuanjoches (cactus).  This tour is the most “suave” or easy tour that we offer.  If  you don’t want to swim, you don’t have to!  Just come, relax, and enjoy this gem of Nicaragua.

Medium Tour (3.5h)

We’ll enter at the midpoint of the canyon just after the joining of the Tapacalí and Comalí rivers forms the Rio Coco, the longest river in Central America.  We’ll pass through the narrowest part of the canyon where the walls are very close and offer amazing views.  This tour requires a bit more of an adventurous spirit as you will be trekking and swimming through 2.5km of the canyon.  There is one obligatory jump of 1.5 meters.  The rest are optional!  Our guides know all of the ins and outs of the canyon and the best route to take through the canyon.

Long Tour (5h)

Explore the entire Grand Canyon of Central America!  Trek and swim through the entire five kilometers of the Somoto Canyon with a local guide who will show you the local flora and fauna native to our region of Nicaragua.  This is a full day adventure, so be sure to bring a snack along!  Check out the small caves near the start of the canyon and then trek and swim past cliffs soaring up to 250m above you.  It is truly an amazing experience, and if you have the time it is definitely worth it!

Observation Deck Tour (3h)

If you like hiking, you can check out the three lookout decks located above the canyon.  Marvel in the beauty from above and enjoy the great views.  You can take some great pictures from the lookouts, so don’t forget your camera!  If you aren’t feeling like a hike, we can also arrange a 4×4 or horseback ride as well.

 Make it a whole day event!

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